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Cheesemaker Spotlight: Michael Meadors

 Michael Meadors, Rogue Creamery Cheesemaker

Michael grew up on the hills overlooking the Rogue Valley, in the Hillcrest Orchards on RoxyAnn Peak. “My dad took me out to check the vines, turn on irrigation, pick asparagus,” Michael remembers, “It was a lot of fun.”

He has early memories of the Rogue Creamery, getting curds from the Creamery or sneaking blue cheese samples from the vineyard’s tasting room. “I’ve always been interested in cheese, and heard good things about the Creamery. I thought it would be a cool place to work.”

Three years ago, Michael’s young dream came true when he started as an Apprentice Cheesemaker at Rogue Creamery. Today, he’s a full-fledged Cheesemaker.

It’s just milk at the start of the day, 6am when Michael and the other Cheesemakers get started, and like magic, the milk becomes cheese and they know it's going to be good. “There’s a lot of pressure, but when you look at all the cheese at the end of the day, it’s worth it,” Michael says. “We make world-class cheese and it’s really great to know that everyone recognizes Rogue Creamery cheeses. I’m part of it – it all starts with us, and the good milk of our cows."

posted August 2013