Oregon Blue Guacamole

Recipe for Oregon Blue Guacamole

David and Cary love to share their favorite house recipes, and this recipe was made in honor of their 2013 New Year celebration. In addition to their famous cheese plates, their Guacamole is a famously popular appetizer. David says that he made this guacamole first and can’t understand how everyone always calls it "Cary’s Guacamole." Serves 12.


3 organic Hass or other nice sized local avocados

8 oz. Fromage Blanc (Vermont Creamery, Cow Girl, or Bellwether Farms)

3.5 oz. Oregon Blue Cheese, crumbled

½ c. deli sliced, tamed jalapeño peppers (including 1tbls. liquid) - Jeff' Naturals or Mezzetta

1 heaping tbls. Smoked Paprika (Spice Hunter or El Rey De Las Vera)

1 tbls. lemon juice



Cut avocados in half; remove the pit and discard. Spoon into a medium bowl and discard the skin.


Chop the deli sliced tamed jalapeños and add to the bowl with 8 oz. fromage blanc; add 1 T. of liquid from jalapeño peppers. Add 1 T. fresh squeezed lemon juice and hand mix in bowl until ingredients are evenly distributed and lightly chunky. Add 3.5 oz crumbled Oregon Blue and fold into mixture.


Scoop into serving bowl with spatula and generously sprinkle Smoked Paprika on top. Serve with Organic Blue Tortilla chips. As the guacamole disappears, occasionally touch up surface with a shake or two of Smoked Paprika.


Serves 12


posted 2014 April