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Master Recycler BJ Hunt Keeps Rogue Creamery on the Green Path


BJ Hunt is a Jackson County Master Recycler

BJ got into recycling last year when his manager nominated him for the Jackson County Master Recyclers' program. The way BJ tells it, he wasn't too keen at first. Since then, everything's changed and recycling is top of mind.


"You see things a lot differently," BJ says. "The fact of doing something that makes a difference." BJ's put in about 200 hours this year with the recycling program and he's learned a lot and made some important changes at Rogue Creamery.


One of the first things that BJ did was to make recycling more visible at Rogue Creamery. "We’ve got recyling barrels all over the place now – big blue barrels, the recycle emblem on them and you can't miss seeing them!" BJ's inventoried accumlated ewaste and is working to recycle these materials locally.


BJ's also spearheaded Rogue Creamery's involvement in the Jackson County Plastic Recycling Roundup and has volunteered at the Roundup for the last two years: "It amazes me how many people come in to recycle their plastics."


Rogue Creamery team members have always recycled, but there are always ways to improve. "The guys separate out their trash now," says BJ. "It really makes a difference if the recycling is sorted out." 


Perhaps the biggest changes have been in BJ himself: he shops differently, buying things that are packaged more greenly: "I don’t buy something that’s in a plastic bag in a box."


"I used to recyle a little bit at home, mostly metal," BJ says. "But now I recycle everything I can, not just metal: card stock, hard plastics, soft plastics. Everything I can."


posted April 15, 2014