Nellie Green Pedal Power Program


Think GREEN:

Reduce Carbon Footprint
Reduce Traffic Congestion
Improve Health & Lifestyle
Improve Team Spirit



Ride your bike to our retail store at 311 N. Front St., Central Point, Oregon

In 2009 Rogue Creamery was inspired to create a sustainable bike commuter program in partnership by a local brewing company. The resulting Nellie Green Commuter Program offers team members a monthly incentive if they bike, walk, carpool, use public transportation or use a vehicle getting 50 mpg or greater. The required commitment is to commute to work 45 round trips (or 90 one way trips) during a one year time period. The federal energy department set a standard of 45 commutes regardless of distance, so Rogue Creamery uses those guidelines. If a team member completes the program, the bike is theirs to keep.

Today, more than half of Rogue Creamery's team participates in the Nellie Green Pedal Program, and in 2013 alone saved over 12,000 miles. It's a pretty serious commitment, and participants sign a rider's oath, promising to ride regularly, ride safely and to protect their bikes. 

As Rogue Creamery grows, more people are joining. We have also inspired and assisted other like-minded businesses in adopting similar programs. Many companies in the Pacific Northwest have employees who commute regularly by bicycle. They save money, reduce their stress level and are generally healthier and happier than their car-bound counterparts.* Here’s just a couple of the companies that have joined our ride: Rogue Credit Union, Cowgirl Creamery, and Rogue Ales.

Rogue Creamery supports biking in other ways, including contributing to the Portland Bike Program, where bikes are refurbished and given to kids. Rogue Creamery is also a sponsor for the People’s Coast Classic, an Arthritis Foundation fundraiser and is a and food contributor to Cycle Oregon.

The Nellie Green Pedal Program is great for morale and inspires team members toward a healthier lifestyle in addition to freeing up funds that would have been spent on gas. We are helping the environment by reducing our carbon footprint and we invite others to consider green programs that promote a healthy lifestyle and planet. Contact Rogue Creamery at 866-665-1155 or to inquire about Rogue Creamery's Nellie Green Pedal Power program.

*(Bicycle Paper Published 2012)