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Rogue Creamery Tours
Cheese Shop in Central Point, Oregon


The Rogue Creamery Cheese Shop in Central Point, Oregon is just a mile from I5 at 311 North Front Street, which is also Old Highway 99. Locally owned and operated since 1933, The Cheese Shop offers specialty food, local wine, craft beer, and over 100 fine cheeses from around the world including the full line of award-winning Rogue Creamery cheese. Knowledgeable cheesemongers will invite you to sample Rogue Creamery blues and other specialty cheeses, and are always pleased to answer your questions about pairings, recipes and artisan cheeses. The Cheese Shop also offers delicious grilled cheese sandwiches made with Rogue Creamery cheese.


If you’re looking for a cheese factory tour, The Cheese Shop has a wall window so that you can see right into the Cheddar Make Room.  The cheesemake vats and equipment are fully visible and there’s a large screen educational DVD playing that describes Rogue Creamery's history and every aspect of cheesemaking and aging processes. While we don’t make cheddar cheese every day, when we do, the make starts early and is over by about 2p. If you want to see the cheesemakers in action, call The Cheese Shop in advance to check the cheese make schedule.


Due to health and safety regulations, Rogue Creamery is no longer allowed to give public tours inside the actual manufacturing facility.


Rogue Creamery shares its parking lot with Ledger David Celllars' wine tasting room and Lille Belle Chocolates. Many guests enjoy visiting all three shops in the Central Point artisan corridor. Call ahead to schedule a focused visit for your school field trip, club event or tour group.


311 N. Front St. (HWY. 99),
Central Point, Oregon, 97502
Mon-Fri 9-5, Sat 9-6, Sun 11-5
Toll Free: (866) 396-4704 or Local: (541) 665-1155

Mailing Address:
Rogue Creamery
P.O. Box 3606
Central Point, OR 97502

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