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Farmer's Markets

“Shop locally and know your farmer”, we hear and say that a lot these days. You should also know your Cheesemonger!  Rogue Valley farmers’ markets are a huge part of our food culture and Rogue Creamery has supported and participated in them since 2002.
Every week Marcia picks a great selection of blues, cheddars, curds, and butter from our Cheese Shop and loads up the Honda. Stop by our tent and meet your Cheesemonger, Marcia’s there week in and week out, rain or shine. Get to know her, she’ll take good  care of you!

Tuesdays in Ashland

at the Armory 1420 E. Main St
mid-March through the Tuesday before Thanksgiving

Saturdays in Grants Pass

at F St. & 4th St.
mid-March through the Saturday before Thanksgiving

ASI Certification  Oregon Benefit Company   Oregon Tilth Certified Organic

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