Rogue River Blue Cheese - 1/8 Wheel

Rogue River Blue Cheese - 1/8 Wheel


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Rogue River Blue 2018 is a limited, seasonal cheese. We are currently SOLD OUT of whole wheels and 1/4 wheel cuts of Rogue River Blue. If you would like to buy Rogue River Blue in these quantities, please check our Gift Boxes page!

Rogue River Blue is an organic cheese made annually with the best cow's milk available, sourced from Rogue Creamery's organic dairy here in Southern Oregon's Rogue Valley. Each wheel has been cave-aged for 9 to 11 months and hand-wrapped in organic Syrah grape leaves that have soaked in pear liqueur.

Our 2018 Rogue River Blue is evolving beautifully, and exhibits the pear, spice, blackberry, vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate, and bacon flavors for which this cheese is known.

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Never had anything like this before, 15th Oct 2013

Reviewer: Kevin Danker

I purchased a small amount of this Blue Cheese at Costco and I have to get down there and buy more before it is gone. I have NEVER tasted anything quite like this before. The flavor and the texture is just out of this world.

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Rogue River Blue is Fantastic, 31st Jan 2013

Reviewer: Cindi Bartels

I first tried Rogue River Blue 2 years ago. It is so creamy, nutty and "BLUE" that it almost made my knees buckle! I would compare it to eating a blue-cheese-pot-de-creme. The wonderful taste lingers in the mouth long after eating it. One of my favorite ways to eat Rogue River Blue is to have small bits of it along side slices of ripe D'Anjou Pear. Thank you for making this fantastic cheese!

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Unbelievable, 8th Dec 2012

Reviewer: Richard Schwartz

I can't believe that this cheese has not yet received a review, but then again, how can one review the best Blue Cheese in the world? It just honestly speaks for itself. It is not only a classy blue, but scrumptious, vibrant, well-rounded, beautiful, and melodic. Yes, as a professional musician, I experience this cheese in tones of grapes, spices, grasses, plump berries, fruits, and earthiness. There is really no way to accurately describe this cheese other than it being a completely organic connection with a tradition that goes back hundreds of years. It is not just a cheese, it is an experience to be cherished for a long time after the indescribable morsel has disappeared from ones plate. Rick S.

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To Die For!!!, 14th Oct 2012

Reviewer: Linda DeMent

My friend and I just tasted this at New Seasons the other day... YUMMMMMM!!! The cheese monger recommended it as his favorite and 2 other nearby workers quickly nodded their heads in agreement! We tasted, WE LOVED! Nutty, rich, wild AND refined - we both had to have it! At $36 at lb I had to settle for a small-size wedge, happily. This is one treasure I'll repeat as often as my pennies and it's availability allow!!

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