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Champion Blues

Champion Blues

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Each of Rogue Creamery's blues have their own unique personality and flavor profile and they've all won domestic and international awards.

This winning gift collection of blues starts with the subtle smooth flavor of traditional Oregon Blue, the first blue cheese made on the West Coast. Move on to our most robust blue, Crater Lake, made from a complex blend of blue strains from around the world, tease your palate with Echo Mountain Blue which has a slight goaty tang, continue with the sweet caramelized hazelnut taste of the first-ever smoked blue cheese, Smokey Blue, and then taste the meaty savory flavors of our Caveman Blue. Flora Nelle Blue has a buttery paste, bright blue flavors with a savory, spicy natural rind. When you think you can't experience more, astonish your mouth with the world's best blue, Rogue River Blue, wrapped in Syrah grape leaves that have been macerated in Clear Creek Brandy. Oh my!

* All of Rogue Creamery's blues are made with non-animal rennet, and so are vegetarian with the exception of Flora Nelle Blue. Rogue River Blue is a 10 oz. wedge and all other blues are 7 oz. wedges.

3lbs. 12oz. Item #1003G

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