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Caveman Blue Cheese - 7oz Wedge

Caveman Blue Cheese - 7oz Wedge

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Caveman Blue cheese is a rich, complex blue that is deliciously sweet and fruity with slight vanilla tones and a texture of butter. Although its moniker and mold-riddled exterior imply a lack of refinement, these wheels are anything but. A rugged natural rind allows the Caveman to release a bit of moisture and develop a thick, buttery texture. During its maturation, luscious cow milk and blue cultures are transformed into a golden-hued paste which tastes of sweet, fresh buttermilk with nuances of beef and bacon, tropical fruit, grass and hay.

Caveman Blue has been a labor of love for the past decade at Rogue Creamery. The brand Caveman was used by the Rogue Creamery as far back as the 1930’s however today’s wheels are the result of years of careful research, tweaks, and evaluation including the construction of a unique aging cave dedicated solely to these wheels.

• Natural Rind
• Cave Aged a Minimum of 6 Months
• Certified Sustainable by Food Alliance
• American Original Blue Cheese
• Milk is rBST Free
• Gluten Free

Shelf Life: 12 Weeks
Storage: Keep Refrigerated, 38°-40° F
Made From: Certified Sustainable Cow’s Milk

Customer Reviews

Average rating: 5 stars

5 stars title= Bleu Heaven, 30th Nov 2015

Reviewer: Mary Meador

I love Caveman Blue - I'd marry it if I could. I like it on a hamburger, with crackers alone or with a bit of red wine jelly (homemdae) dribbled over it - the list is endless for this smokey bit of heaven!

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