Pistol Point Cheddar

Pistol Point Cheddar


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Rogue Creamery's robust cheddar recipe is a wonderful canvas for the spice and smoke of chipotle. Our cheesemakers hand roll ground chipotle over the cheddar curds creating the beautiful reddish orange marbled appearance that persists in the finished cheese. Tangy with a smoky spice finish.

Pistol Point is one of our most beautiful cheeses to serve; “white” cheddar marbled with bright orange spices. Pistol Point is a natural for any recipes conveying traditional flavors of the American Southwest.

• House Blend of Chipotle Spice
• Aged Over 30 Days
• Hand Cut and Milled Cheddar
• Superb Quality Rating Certified by Steritech
• Milk is rBST Free
• Vegetarian Friendly
• Gluten Free

Shelf Life: 6 Months
Storage: Keep Refrigerated, 38°-40° F
Made From: Certified Sustainable Pasteurized Cow's Milk

8oz. Item #300PP

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Pistol Point, 13th May 2013

Reviewer: Suzie Brandeau

Put a slice of this cheese on a piece of Dave's Killer Bread and melt in microwave. It melts better than any other cheddar and tastes better too. Gave some to my daughter who delightly agrees with me.

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