Echo Mountain Wheel Case 6x5#R

Echo Mountain Wheel Case 6x5#R


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Echo Mountain Blue Cheese is a montage of rich flavors made from a blend of sustainable cow and goat’s milk. The flavor is clear, crisp, brilliant and complex in its subtle hint of goat’s milk. Brightly hued veins traverse the body of this cheese, infusing it with a bold, earthy flavor. This unique blue cheese has a semi-soft texture with a silky smooth mouth feel & a tangy finish.

The goats graze seasonally along the banks of the Rogue River next to our cow dairy sharing the same “Terroir” of rich grasses and clover. Their all-organic feed and pasturing are designed to balance the goat’s diets and milk to provide the “Flavor of the Rogue”. The specially designed dairy with unique milking practices and high quality standards are indicative of its flavor, texture and award winning style.

• A Unique Regional Blend of Cow & Goat’s Milk
• Cave Aged a Minimum of 180 days, Released to Taste
• Aged to Perfection in a Series of Historic Caves
• Milk is Certified Sustainable & rBST/rBGH Free
• Vegetarian Friendly
• Gluten Free

Shelf Life: 6 Months
Storage: Keep Refrigerated, 38°-40° F
Made From: Certified Sustainable Cow’s & Goats Milk

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